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James Madison Wrote:

Democracy is the most vile form of government... democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention: have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property: and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.

Irving Kristol Wrote:

In a democracy, the will of the people is supreme. In a republic, it is not the will of the people but the rational consensus of the people—a rational consensus which is implicit in the term consent—which governs the people. That is to say, in a democracy, popular passion may rule—may, though it need not—but in a republic, popular passion is regarded as unfit to rule, and the precautions are taken to see that it is subdued rather than sovereign. In a democracy all politicians are, to some degree, demagogues: They appeal to people’s prejudices and passions, they incite their expectations by making reckless promises, they endeavor to ingratiate themselves with the electorate in every possible way. In a republic, there are not supposed to be such politicians, only statesmen—sober, unglamorous, thoughtful men who are engaged in a kind of perpetual conversation with the citizenry.

It is time to stop talking and start acting!  Our children's textbooks are being re-written, and even our president calls the United States a Democracy. It is time to take action and to restore the Republic to what it was intended to be.  This will not happen without work, time and effort.  Democracy has gained a huge foothold in our nation and only through education and action will it be removed.  

Are you good with research or a pen? Join an action group and help carry out email and letter writing campaigns.  Contribute research and photographs, begin a newspaper campaign, help with the webpage or just add your name to a petition.  If you care, and I know you do, help restore rule of law to our nation before it is too late.

Amendment Issues Each amendment of the Bill of Rights is under attack. Find out about the attempts to circumvent your freedoms and what you can do to stop them.  The email list is a good forum to talk about who is doing what, and to notify a moderator of an issue that should be addressed.  

Quotes The quote page contains anti-democracy quotes from every signer of the Constitution.  Some quotes are missing, please help the research effort.

Rights Are you aware that the bill of rights granted no rights?  That's right.  They granted no rights and were not written to apply to the people of the United States.  Now before you hang me,  let me clarify.  The Bill of Rights were written to place ultra-legal blocks on the federal government from taking away essential rights of the people.  Even the Supreme court cannot remove these blocks!